‘Cash Lost In Em’ – Don’t Become A Slot Loser

Did you know that ‘Cash Lost In Em’ is an Anagram of ‘Slot Machine’? Sounds like a warning to me ! But you don’t have to end up as a slot machine loser. If you want to find out how to avoid losing your cash in a slot read on…


  • If you’re playing slots with one of those plastic cups to hold your change make sure you keep it on your lap! Scammers often try to distract slot players whilst their playing, hoping to dipping into the cup whilst you’re looking the other way. When it’s on your lap it’s harder for the thieves to swipe your money.
  • Never leave a slot machine if it malfunctions – instead try to attract the attention of a casino staff member on the gaming floor or press the ‘attendant’ button if the slot has one. If you walk away from a slot someone else could jump into your seat and claim any wins or unsent cash.
  • Don’t listen to those who say “This machine is due to pay out” the slots at real world casino don’t work like that. They’re payout rates are completely random, you’ve as much chance with a machine that’s just paid out as you have with one that’s not paid out for some time.


  • In real world casinos you’ll normally get free drinks whilst playing slot machine. However, in online casinos the ‘comp’ usually takes the form of a free cash bonus or cash matched deposit. Make sure you find out how much the casino is willing to give you before signing up. Also check the terms and conditions attached to the FREE CASH, so have stipulations on withdrawing or minimum play requirements that make them virtually worthless. Ladbrokes Casino currently gives new players £5 totally free! OK, it’s not a fortune but it’s still FREE MONEY and more than enough to land a big jackpot.
  • Watch out for FREE SPIN deals… Many online casinos offer free spins on certain slots, check out these offers regularly as you could be missing out on 100s of free spins.
  • One of the biggest mistake slot players make at online casinos is chasing massive jackpots. Yes those £1 million pound jackpots are tempting, but often these machines are linked to other online casinos and not just the one you’re playing at. The chances of winning a big progressive jackpot are slim, don’t waste your whole bank roll on these machines. Other slots may have smaller jackpots but you have a higher chance of winning.

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