Zuma  – Aztec adventures for slot fans

Based on the insanely popular Popcap game of the same name, this is a brand new five reel and twenty line slot machine. This Aztec themed adventure could lead you to a jackpot of £10,000. There are loads of ways to win and there are plenty of Tiki bosses to take out in the Zuma Free Spins Bonus.

You can play Zuma for free, or bet from 1p up to £500 for a chance of winning some great cash prizes. It’s really versatile and will suit both novice players and old hands alike, so follow the link to get playing Zuma or any other no deposit slots.

You’ve got twenty chances to win as there are twenty pay lines across the five-column Zuma reel table. If you need to adjust the bet, you can change the coin size from 1p to £1, which means it will match the budgets of all players. You can also increase the number of lines you want to play by selecting the ‘Bet One’ button. If you fancy going all out, you can bet on all twenty lines at once by pressing the ‘Bet Max’ buttons.

Our favourite part of Zuma is scoring a win at the Zuma slots, where you have the chance to either bank or gamble your winnings. If you choose to gamble, you could multiply your winnings by up to ten times, though this is not a strategy for the faint-hearted as you could lose the lot. The decision is yours. You can play aggressively and enjoy the thrill of win or bust, or you can play more conservatively and leave the gamble button alone to focus on banking those winnings.

As well as the gamble option there’s also an exciting bonus round unlocked by landing three or more scatter symbols on a given pay line. This is where it gets really exciting. You will be asked to choose one of the Zuma creatures and each one represents a number of free spins. Choose well and you could get up to fifty free spins here. You should also look out for wild symbols, which can replace other symbols to make more winning lines.

One of the biggest advantages with this game is the fact you can vary the line amount and the bet size over the course of a game to try and maximize your winnings. Simply follow the link if you want to play Zuma or any other slots from Paddy Power.


No Deposit Casino Bonuses – What You Need To Know

Free cash bonuses are nothing new in the online casino industry. Casinos have always relied on the lure of free cash to get new players through their virtual doors.

Until recently these free cash deals have taken the form of a ‘cash match’ incentive – the new player is asked to deposit a sum of money, which the casino will then match, either pound for pound or on a multiple ratio.

There’s no doubting that these bonuses have been a successful way for online casinos to generate interest and attract new players. However, competition between casinos has seen a bonus arms race develop in the industry. The standard size of bonuses is getting bigger and bigger, what started as a £50 or £100 bonus has now risen to £500 – £1000.

The problem with these bigger bonuses are two fold – firstly, a new player needs to make a big first time deposit to take advantage of them, most new players feel uncomfortable depositing large amounts, so the bonus can actually become counter productive. Secondly, the bonuses are now looking ‘unbelievable’ to the average player – do you really think a casino is going to give you £2000 for free? It sounds scammy right?

[quote float=”right”]It’s not as bonkers as it sounds[/quote]So how can the casinos remedy the problem? Well, the answer is simply to give players totally free cash instead! The new ‘NO DEPOSIT BONUS‘ is not as bonkers as it sounds.

A casino that gives away free cash can open up a new vein of players they previously wouldn’t have been able to access. From the casinos point of view these promotions are a cost effective way to acquire new customers, considering the price of bidding on the keyword ‘online casino’ in Google Adwords is now around £30 per click! The casinos are probably wiser to give that money to new customers rather than Google.

One of the most popular brands to trial this type of promotion is Ladbrokes Casino – they launched a no deposit bonus earlier this year with a totally free £5 deal. Support by a TV campaign the promotion was an instant hit with customers. Now 888 have entered the fray with a free cash deal that eclipses the Ladbrokes offer – for a limited time 888 Casino is giving away £88 in free cash! Although the 888 deal comes with a few more terms and conditions, the size of the offer makes it more compelling than the Ladbrokes one.

So which FREE CASH bonus should you go for? Why not take both! get £5 from Ladbrokes and £88 from 888 Casino – that’s £93 in totally free dosh!

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‘Cash Lost In Em’ – Don’t Become A Slot Loser

Did you know that ‘Cash Lost In Em’ is an Anagram of ‘Slot Machine’? Sounds like a warning to me ! But you don’t have to end up as a slot machine loser. If you want to find out how to avoid losing your cash in a slot read on…



  • If you’re playing slots with one of those plastic cups to hold your change make sure you keep it on your lap! Scammers often try to distract slot players whilst their playing, hoping to dipping into the cup whilst you’re looking the other way. When it’s on your lap it’s harder for the thieves to swipe your money.
  • Never leave a slot machine if it malfunctions – instead try to attract the attention of a casino staff member on the gaming floor or press the ‘attendant’ button if the slot has one. If you walk away from a slot someone else could jump into your seat and claim any wins or unsent cash.
  • Don’t listen to those who say “This machine is due to pay out” the slots at real world casino don’t work like that. They’re payout rates are completely random, you’ve as much chance with a machine that’s just paid out as you have with one that’s not paid out for some time.



  • In real world casinos you’ll normally get free drinks whilst playing slot machine. However, in online casinos the ‘comp’ usually takes the form of a free cash bonus or cash matched deposit. Make sure you find out how much the casino is willing to give you before signing up. Also check the terms and conditions attached to the FREE CASH, so have stipulations on withdrawing or minimum play requirements that make them virtually worthless. Ladbrokes Casino currently gives new players £5 totally free! OK, it’s not a fortune but it’s still FREE MONEY and more than enough to land a big jackpot.
  • Watch out for FREE SPIN deals… Many online casinos offer free spins on certain slots, check out these offers regularly as you could be missing out on 100s of free spins.
  • One of the biggest mistake slot players make at online casinos is chasing massive jackpots. Yes those £1 million pound jackpots are tempting, but often these machines are linked to other online casinos and not just the one you’re playing at. The chances of winning a big progressive jackpot are slim, don’t waste your whole bank roll on these machines. Other slots may have smaller jackpots but you have a higher chance of winning.

Tips For Playing Progressive Slots

Here are some tips for playing Progressive slot machines, which hopefully will guide you in the right direction to winning that progressive jackpot you have been dreaming of.

First of all know what type of Progressive slot machine you are sitting in front of as there are basically three different types of Progressive slot machines.

The first type we will talk about the Independent Progressive slot machine is a single progressive slot machine that is not electronically linked to any other progressive slot machine. This type of Progressive slot machine has the lowest payout, because the jackpot is comprised from a portion of the coins that are played in the machine. It is ideal for the player who just wants to have some fun and enjoy themselves without having to put out a lot of cash. Bear in mind that all Independent progressive slot machines do not offer the same amount of jackpot payouts, so when playing one of these Independent Progressive Slot machines look for the ones that offer the highest jackpot payouts.

The second kind we’ll talk about is the Networker or linked progressive slot machine is a set of progressive slot machines that are networked together, and the jackpot is comprised from each of the linked progressive slot machines on the network, making for a bigger jackpot payout. Again read the legend for the payout before you decide which of the linked progressive slot machines is best for you. The winning jackpot payout for this networked of linked progressive slot machines are accumulated from a small portion of the coins played in each of the progressive slot machined linked together on this network.

Finally we come to the big one, the Wide Area Network Progressive slot machine. This is the machine that can make you a millionaire on the spot, making all your dreams come true. This Wide Area Network Progressive slot machine is not only networked to the other progressive slot machines in the same building but also to other wide area network of progressive slot machines in other casinos all over the world. It is obvious why this is considered the ‘big one’ because the jackpot payout from this Wide Area Network Progressive slot machine are comprised from a portion of the coins played in every single one of the networked progressive slot machine that is hooked up to this network, no matter where in the world they may be.

As you may be aware all progressive slot machines or for that matter all slot machines in general have their legend of plays and payouts printed on some part of them, whether it’s at the top of the machine or the bottom. Make sure and read these carefully and understand its meaning before deciding on which progressive slot machine you would like to play on. You should also be aware that some machines will not give you the progressive jackpot unless you have been putting in the maximum number of coins per spin.

Good luck and most important of all have fun.


Hot N Cold Slots

We all know that there is a large element of luck involved in playing slots. Unlike other casino games like blackjack and poker, slot machines require virtually no skill to play. What you may not know is there is also a number of proven tips to increase your winnings when you hit a hot slot.

Slot machines run hot and cold, you can hit a hot machine at anytime, when this happens you will need to maximize your returns. You also need to recognize when you have hit a cold machine and minimize your loses.

Our first slot tip is using a basic formula to recognize slot machines which have gone cold. You can do this by setting yourself a ‘cool number’, this number is the amount of times you are going to spin without a win. A good average cool number is 6 – 8 spins. If you get no joy after this many spins then move on to another machine. Why keep pumping cash into a cold machine when there are plenty of other slots to play!

Now lets hope that you’ve just hit a juicy hot slot, you will need to maximize your profits during these good runs. Remember this simple tip when you’re winning. Start by betting one coin by spin. If you win, increase your stake to 2 coins a spin. Keep increasing you stake as long as you’re winning. If you spin and lose, then drop your stake back down to one coin and repeat the process.

The tips above are a good starting point but unless you have a goal or exit strategy you will never win playing slots online. If you play long enough eventually you will lose all your stake money! You need to be disciplined and set yourself a cash/return goal. A return on your original stake of around 10% to 15% is a great bench mark, during a playing session if you reach this figure you should immediately stop playing and cash out the profit you have made. Casinos make money because players get too greedy! always, always take a small win over a big gamble.

These small wins will enable you to keep play longer and longer, without the need to top-up your casino account with fresh cash. The longer you can afford to play the better chance you have of landing a big jackpot!