Haunted House

How would you cope if you ever bump into a vampire? Be sure that whatever you do you have a clove of garlic handy. You may very well stink from carrying it around all day, but as the legend says, vampires are scared of garlic. Not only will you scare away vampires in the Haunted house slot game with the help of garlic, you could also win yourself some of the big prizes on offer in this slot game.

Set on the outskirts of a spooky haunted house, this Vegas-styled slot game is perfect for the players who enjoy a themed slot game but also enjoyed the classic style of slot games. With a mere 5 paylines and only 3 reels, the retro feeling of a Vegas slot machine is very apparent throughout this game. Originally Playtech created this game as a Halloween special game, and who doesn’t love a game based around the spookiest holiday of the year? However, the great thing about this slot game is that is excellent to play whether it is the 31st of October or the 14th of February! 

Before players begin to spin the fruit machine typed reels, they will have to decide upon the size of bet they wish to place per spin. Players can range their wagers from as little as £0.05 per spin to £25 per spin, so there a lot of room for manoeuvre and you can be as cautious or as audacious as you like. Players will have to consider, though, the fact that the higher the wager the bigger the prizes will be. The Vampire has graced you with his presence and with a max bet and the help of some garlic cloves, you will end up landing the desirable jackpot, up to 1800 coins, he has laid out for you.

With this slot game being a Vampire themed game and based around the holiday of Halloween, where else could the game have been set apart from a big creepy haunted house. This is where the game its title from, you will be in the company with hideous witches and black cats as you spin out the reels searching for the big prizes waiting for you in the dark setting that surrounds the game. The symbols that you see on the reels are some of the things you’d commonly associate with a Vampire occupied Haunted House. On the reels you will see a dimly lit candle, a Holy Grail cup, a spooky coffin, a sword and a cross. All of these things you’d expect to find in a horror movie, so if you enjoy your horrors and all the thrills and terror that goes along with it, then you’ll love this slot game!

Although the game does not include any bonus features, it allows the players to focus on the gameplay and provides no distractions to them as they spin the reels in search of the Garlic that will scare of the Vampire and allow them to claim the huge jackpot that the Haunted House slot has to offer. A classic type of slot for the fearless, old school players!

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